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July - December 2018



 1.  The Ways to Cope with Stress of Social Workers Working in Different Fields of

      Social  Work: 01-08 Pages

      -Vedat Isikhan

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2.    Stress in Elderly People: A Comparative Study: 09-13 Pages

       -Simran Chhbria

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3.   Effectiveness of Spiritually Augmented Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Sacbt) on                    Depression among Cancer Patients in Selected Hospital at Mangalor: 14-17 Pages

     -Tincy Selma Thomas, Sukesh, Nalini. M

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4.   Cultural variation in stress among executive strata: A Comparative study: 18-22 Pages

      -Krishen Cotta, Mariah Dias, Barbara Da Silva

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5.  Impact of Occupational Stress on overall Performance of HSSC and College

     Teachers in Goa: 23-25Pages

     -Pooja Premanand Parab

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6.  Leisure as a Means to Reduce Stress, Arouse Curiosity and Enhance Self - Esteem

     in Children: 26-30 Pages

     -Cedila Pereira e Gomes

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7.  The Unbearable Gendering of Being: Performance of ‘Womanhood’ as a

     Source of Stress: 31-35 Pages

     -Sudha Shashwati

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8.  Stress Screening and Holistic Stress Management: 36-41 Pages

     -BinduMenon K

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9.  Effect of Stress on the Occupational Self-Efficacy Job Satisfaction and Organizational

     Effectiveness of Primary School Teachers: 42-47 Pages

     -Bharati Jan

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10.  Occupational Stress and Coping strategies among Government Hospital Staff Nurses with

        special references to Sonitpur District of Assam: 48-52Pages

       -Mithu Boro, Mala Chaliha Talukdar

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11.  A Comparative Study of Stress as a Function of Executive and Non-Executive

      Employees of Bhilai Steel Plant

     - Durga Tripathi

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